Browse all of the modules available at MKCW. The catalogue is effective from January 1 2022. You can attend the same module as many times as you wish. All creative writing modules are followed by a creative workshop. All modules come with a set of slides, useful readings, genre/medium samples where relevant and a prerecorded video/podcast you can refer to post-session. Something you like not here? Feel free to suggest another module at info@martinkeaveney.com. You can attend these modules through standard courses, Superflex and also request any of these modules at writing events such as our boutique conferences and one day courses.


You will be amazed at the choice!


Creative Writing


Introduction to being persuasive in creative writing.

Children’s Fiction/YA

Introduction to creative writing for  younger readers.

Children’s Special – Books for Babies

Learn about creative writing for the youngest of customers!

Children’s Special – Little Land

Tutorial on books for very new readers.

Children’s Special – New Kids on the Block

Tutorial on writing for younger children.

Children’s Special – Teen Trouble

Tutorial on writing for new and mid teenagers.

Young Adult – All Grown Up

Tutorial on writing for late teenagers/young adults.


Tutorial on writing humour in creative writing projects.


Introduction to creative writing for the comic/graphic novel market.

Conflict Fiction & Feedback

Combined tutorial: Introduction to relationships fiction & giving and receiving feedback. 

Crime & Self-Editing

Combined tutorial: Introduction to Crime fiction & self-editing.

Coming in 2023 – Series of modules on crime writing enquire


Introduction to creative writing in the fantastic genre. 

Coming in 2023 – Series of modules on fantasy writing enquire

Historical Fiction

Tutorial on creative writing and recorded events. 

Coming in 2023 – Series of modules on historical writing in fiction and nonfiction enquire

Horror & Publishing

Combined tutorial: Introduction to Horror &  Publishing.

Coming in 2023 – Series of modules on horror writing enquire

Internet Literature

Tutorial on creative writing on the Internet.

Long Form

Discussion of long form creative writing projects. 

Major Surgery

Discussion of making significant changes to creative writing projects.

Mock Query Session

Tutorial on preparing a creative writing query to industry.


Introduction to creative writing in combined genres and mediums.

Music & Song

Introduction to creative writing music and song.


Tutorial on creative writing about hobbies, travel and other areas of nonfiction.

Personal Projects

Discuss your creative writing project at this one-to-one session. May be booked if not currently listed.


Discussion of perspective in creative writing  projects.


Tutorial on creative writing for radio.


Discussion of rhythms in creative writing projects.

Romance Fiction

Introduction to the  romance fiction market.

Coming in 2023 – Series of modules on horror writing enquire

Scifi & The Writing Life

Combined tutorial: Introduction to Scifi  & life as a writer.

Coming in 2023 – Series of modules on scifi writing enquire

The Role of The Reader

Discussion of the role of the reader in creative writing projects.

Video Game-Writing

Introduction to  video game-writing.

Writing for Screen

Introduction to writing for the screen.

Screenwriting Special – Who?

Explore the development of character in this module.

Screenwriting Special – What?

Explore the development of story in this module.

Screenwriting Special -Process

This tutorial explores the drafting process of scriptwriting

Screenwriting Special – Revision

Explore the revision process of script-writing in this tutorial.

Screenwriting Special – Wrapping up

Learn about formatting your work in this module on format.

Screenwriting Special – Bringing it to life

Learn about the submission process & aspects of screen production in this module.

Screenwriting Special – What?

Explore the development of story in this module.

Writing for Stage  

Introduction to writing for the stage.

Irish Literature

Exploration of Irish literature with discussion of both the work and the author. There is a mix of short stories, novels and poetry. Includes video, newspaper reviews, interviews, readings, adaptations and discussion of themes. You can also suggest other authors/works.

Sessions usually run 6.30-7.45pm on Tuesdays and Wednesday

(other times may be available)

Banville, John – The Book of Evidence

Baume, Sara – Spill, Simmer, Falter, Wither

Bennett, Claire-Louise – Pond

Brennan, Maeve. – ‘The Springs of Affection’

Carragher, Alvy – The Men I Keep Under My Bed

Contemporary Irish Poetry – Galway Poets

Costello Mary – Academy Street

Dennis, Ryan – The Beasts They Turned Away

Dolan, Naoise – Exciting Times

Enright, Anne – The Green Road

Heaney, Seamus – Poetry

Johnston, Jennifer – The Captains and The Kings

Joyce, James – ‘The Dead’

Kavanagh, Patrick – Poetry

Keane, Molly – Good Behaviour

Keegan, Claire –  Foster

McCormack, Mike – Solar Bones

McBride, Eimear – A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing

McGahern, John – Amongst Women

McCabe, Patrick – The Butcher Boy

McKeon, Belinda – Tender

Macken, Walter – Seek The Fair Land

Meehan, Paula – Poetry

Moore, George – ‘In The Clay’

Nealon, Louise – Snowflake

O’Brien, Edna – The Country Girls

O’Brien, Flann – At Swim-Two Birds

Plunkett, James – ‘A Touch of Genius’

Rooney, Sally – Normal People

Toibin, Colm –  The Blackwater Lightship

Trevor, William – ‘The Ballroom of Romance’

Yeats, W.B. – Poetry

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