Are you writing a novel, film script, play, collection of short stories or poetry? Perhaps a memoir or nonfiction work? Is the project stuck and you have a lot of research but no actual writing done? Or is it really hard to find the time to sit down to write? You can now join  other practicing writers for an organised daily writing session and reach your writing goals. Check in as often as you wish from 7am Monday-Friday and write for as long as you want till 9am.

Discuss progress with other writers, your projects and other current writing questions in between two hour long writing sessions which will keep your pen on the page!

Submit your weekly writing every Friday by 5pm and receive feedback at the end of each 3 month session (or before if requested) (Optional).

You can also chat with the tutor and other writers about your writing objectives.

You can read work and receive feedback at a creative workshop from 9am (Optional).

You sign up to receive a log in link and join for as long as you want, as often as you want.

LIVEWRITE SESSIONS will run from 7am-9am GMT Monday-Friday all year (Excluding Christmas, Easter, Summer Recess & Bank Holidays).

Starts OCTOBER 1st 2021


  • Meet writers working on similar projects
  • Adopt a regular writing routine
  • Achieve writing goals
  • Access to regular expert advice & feedback
  • Feedback on every submission
  • Start a professional level writing practice
  • Creative Workshop option from 9am
  • Lobby remains open afterwards for open discussion
  • Join and leave as it suits you
  • Attend from anywhere in the world

Registration: €190 per 12 week cycle

Sign up for next 3 months HERE