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Participants provide their experiences of the courses and consultancy service.

This course [‘Creative Writing: Introduction’] re-ignited my love for writing , and gave me confidence in my abilities. I gained knowledge about different types of writing and skills needed to become a great writer. I looked forward to the class every week, each week I became more and more inspired to go home and work on my projects. This course unlocked writing skills I never knew I had.

Helen McKenna


I thoroughly enjoyed this course [Creative Writing: Intermediate – Remote]. It was so good to be able to present my work in a relaxed atmosphere where I did not ever feel intimidated or undermined. The course content was interesting and varied. The feedback from the tutor was delivered very promptly and was insightful and helpful. I learned loads about different genres and other styles of writing from the sharing of others’ work. It was good fun too!!

Teresa McTernan

Galway City suburbs

I very much appreciated the online weekly feedback on my work. I found it very specific and helpful. Doing the course by Zoom worked very well. Martin was very generous with his time and knowledge (Remote Course by Flexi).

Writer from Galway

Enjoyed the varied choice of novels, great to be able to discuss them with a group of like-minded participants. Many enjoyable and sometimes lively debates on aspects of the novels and writers. reading one book a week was a bit of a challenge but very worthwhile. Would recommend course to anyone interested in expanding their literary knowledge [Irish Literature Course].

Patricia Lyons


In an age when it is difficult to find readers–and more specifically, good readers–Martin’s treatment of my novel was a godsend.  He delivered spot-on insight with clarity and respect, identifying the strong points of the narrative and those that could use more development or transparency.  By viewing my work through his eyes I was able to get around my pre-conceived notions of it and see it as the reader would, allowing me to address it more honestly. Frankly, Martin helped me make it a much better novel.  I am indebted to his services.

Ryan Dennis

New York

This course [Creative Writing: Introduction] gave me the confidence to take the time to write and be less critical of myself and my writing. Everything you write is not going to be a masterpiece but it is a stepping stone to the finished project. Martin is a wealth of knowledge on writing and encouraged us to experiment and gave us advisements for improvement.

Emma Walsh


Very enjoyable and engaging. A good balance of theory, writing exercises and practical advice [One Day Course].

Lynne O’ Keefe


Very absorbing content from beginning to end. As an amateur, learning the concept of writing, I did not feel overwhelmed by others more professional in the group [One Day Course].

Bernadette McManus


We have worked with Martin on a number of projects, often from project inception. Martin has a great sense of a script and we found his insight into story invaluable in identifying what was working and what wasn’t in various projects. His keen sense of story structure helped enormously in projects that were quite disparate in terms of genre and style. I would advise any script writer to get in touch with Martin early in their process.

Liza Bolton


Well structured, interactive, informative, fun [One Day Course].

Ann Keane


Enjoyed group discussion, different views, enlightening [Irish Literature Course].

Paddy O’Leary 


Martin has a keen eye for style and substance when it comes to writing. He is an experienced tutor and an accomplished writer. Recently, I sought his feedback for both a fictional piece and a short play I wrote. His critique was constructive, useful and accurate. I would recommend his input into any creative writing project.

Martin and I have worked also together on a number of projects. I directed a play of his, Coathanger, as part of NUIG Theatre Week. I really enjoy his unique style and find his writing to be intriguing and compelling.

Niamh Nic Aodha Bhui


Martin provides an excellent introduction to the History writing process [Write the Good Old Days Workshop].

Liam Egan


Excellent support from tutor. Tutor very willing to share his knowledge with novice writers. His guidance is excellent. Wonderful variety of texts for analysis in class [One Day Course].

Writer from Galway

Excellent opportunity to learn about writing with the intention of getting published. Practical course [Creative Writing: Introduction] for those who are serious about getting published for the first time.

Padraig Dennehy


An engaging speaker who listens and answers questions in a useful way. Takes a genuine interest in his students [Write the Good Old  Days Workshop].

Writer at Turlough Park workshop

Martin will give you a great opportunity to explore different genres of writing and share your work with others.
Martin provided a great insight of the journey of being a writer. At the end of the course, I feel more empowered to stat my own journey [One Day Course].
Writer at Galway Arts Centre
I find myself pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this course [Irish Literature]. I may not have fully appreciated what I signed up for. It was a very useful and enjoyable course which enabled me to read books and authors I would not necessarily have chosen. It is a great introduction and showcase of Irish Literature over time and the way each novel was presented, discussed and analysed is something I will take with me.
Jennifer Pilkington
West Clare
Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Inspiring and insightful. Awakened excitement about language and words – made it easy. Thank you Martin [One Day Course].
The writing course [Creative Writing: Introduction] gave me a great insight on the writing world – also a great confidence boost!
I really enjoyed the course [Creative Writing: Introduction]. I learnt loads about a variety of genres where I only thought I’d be learning about grammar. Martin is a very interesting and experienced writer and is eager to share his knowledge.
Enormously helpful and generous writer’s workshop. I learned a lot and hope to apply the knowledge to future projects. Inspiring! Thank you Martin [Write The Good Old Days Workshop].
Helen Moreau
Easy-going and good-humoured experience . Tutor was engaging , especially as the material was personal [One Day Course].
Peter Crowley
Really enjoyed the course, especially the books I could have struggled to read e.g. Flann O’Brien. I now feel I can get more from my reading and enjoy it more. Would love to study Joyce next course [Irish Literature]. I enjoyed the interaction of the group and their thoughts and ideas on the subject matter of the books.
Participant at Irish Literature course
This course [Creative Writing: Introduction] gave me the tools and motivation to start a project I had been putting off for a while. Plus I got to spend 2 hours a week with interesting, like-minded people!
Amanda O’Connell
A relaxed event in which it was easy to absorb new facts almost by osmosis [Write The Good Old Days Workshop].
Writer at Turlough Park workshop
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