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70+ Participants provide their experiences of the courses and consultancy service.

This was an excellent course because it kept me focused and the feedback encouraged me to keep going. Information was delivered in a friendly and informal manner, making the whole experience enjoyable and interesting. This was all down to Martin’s expertise and enthusiasm. Many thanks Martin for sticking with us. Looking forward to many more creative writing nights. [Creative Writing Courses 2022/23 – Claremorris]

Breda Hyland

I found this course to be a lifeline in ensuring I kept up a regular writing practice. The opportunity to read to the group and get feedback on the spot is extremely valuable. It really helped my confidence. Martin is a professional who is extremely generous with his time, support, motivation and guidance. Yet the classes were also fun and relaxing and supportive. I could not recommend the course enough  (Single Project 2022).

Helena Guerin

Co. Tipperary

Martin is a great teacher, understanding, compassionate and has a brilliant insight into each pupil. [Creative Writing: Introduction – 22/23].

Rosaleen Coleman

Co. Monaghan

It is an excellent starter course for a would-be/beginner writer. [Creative Writing: Introduction – 2023].

John O’Connor


I looked forward to the weekly online courses as a special time to learn, practise and improve on a skill in a friendly and convenient way. Having assignments meant I had to set aside quiet thinking time during the week away from real life, which, regardless of the output, was in itself very cathartic.


Reading, UK

I joined this course remotely from Canada. What an excellent opportunity it has been for me to work with Martin and to meet so many gifted writers.

Writer from Canada

As a compete novice the introduction to creative writing was really enjoyable and helpful. I learned so much over the 8 weeks and am looking forward to moving on to the intermediate course.



I started the course as someone who likes to do a bit of writing and left the course feeling a bit like a writer!

Lanna Heyrman


An interesting and informative course for anyone writing a single project.


Loved this course. I found it informative, entertaining and really supportive of my first attempts at writing. It demystified the process, providing practical information on writing practices, genres and submission of work for publishing. Most importantly, the weekly practice and feedback has endowed me with a love for putting pen to paper.

Writer on Spring 23 Course

In an age when it is difficult to find readers–and more specifically, good readers–Martin’s treatment of my novel was a godsend.  He delivered spot-on insight with clarity and respect, identifying the strong points of the narrative and those that could use more development or transparency.  By viewing my work through his eyes I was able to get around my pre-conceived notions of it and see it as the reader would, allowing me to address it more honestly. Frankly, Martin helped me make it a much better novel.  I am indebted to his services.

Ryan Dennis

New York (Author of The Beasts They Turned Away, Epoque Press, 2021)

The weekend (CONFERENCE) was a great opportunity to interact with other writers, discuss the challenges we face and helping each other to improve our work. You can’t beat immersing yourself fully in a weekend event like this – gets you into the zone, wherever that is, and gets you thinking at a deeper level about your work.

Liam Horan

Short Story Author & Playwright

I attended Creative Writing: Intermediate and Advance, then focused on a bigger project by attending Single Project. Each one of the courses helped me be productive, and gave me better perspective and knowledge about writing craft. Weekly feedback on my writing were constructive and insightful. One of my best choices!


Milan, Italy

I’m happy. I have a finished product that may never get published, but I know that it has been given its best chance of that – through Martin’s attention to detail, good humour and excessive expertise! The man has the patience of a saint, and appears as invested as yourself in trying to create that perfect submission (or whatever else you want to create). It is a pleasure to work with him and I hope that he has many successful eventually published ‘students’ – even if I am not one of them.


I received CW1 as a gift and am so glad. It pushed me out of my comfort zone in many ways and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of composing a piece each week. Martin is a very competent instructor [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE].



I found MKCW intermediate creative writing course to be very helpful in developing a routine for writing and setting yourself deadlines. The breadth of genres covered also helps one develop various writing styles [Creative Writing: Intermediate – REMOTE].



I would highly recommend the Introduction to Creative Writing as it has given me the confidence to explore writing in more detail and embrace possibilities of perhaps publishing my own poem’/ play/ short story in the future. A lovely relaxed, welcoming environment and the layout and design of the programme makes it super accessible & flexible even for the busiest of people . Looking forward to learning more. Thank you Martin [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE].

Writer from Summer 2022

If you are dithering about doing this course or not – just sign up! Take it from someone who who has been tinkering with writing for years and just finished the Introductory Course. I can say, I’m glad I finally took courage and enrolled in Martin Keaveney’s course. I surprised myself, not only writing but reading assignments out to other participants. The feedback from Martin and others in the group endorses and encourages your writing efforts. I think this road has risen up to meet me! [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE]

Writer from February 22 Course

Great course, loads of valuable content, getting weekly feedback on your writing and getting your work review at the end of the course. It is super valuable. Strongly recommend it. [Creative Writing: Single Project – REMOTE]

Pablo Diez

I would highly recommend the Introduction to Creative Writing as it has given me the confidence to explore writing in more detail and embrace possibilities of perhaps publishing my own poem’/ play/ short story in the future. A lovely relaxed, welcoming environment and the layout and design of the programme makes it super accessible & flexible even for the busiest of people . Looking forward to learning more. Thank you Martin.

Writer from February 22 Course

This course is beyond excellent. It is inclusive and welcoming, and a very safe and well paced environment in which to explore the art of writing. I got to meet other people in on-line workshops and tap into such a wealth of ideas and styles that was motivating and inspiring. Prior to the course I would have thought the idea of writing and then sharing my work with others would have been intimidating. In reality it was highly enjoyable, and totally comfortable. Martin’s easy, collaborative leadership, his academic standing, and his own writing career make this a wonderful and rewarding experience. One of life’s opportunities not to be missed [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE ].

Denis Meehan


Co. Donegal

A comprehensive course covering many aspects of English Literature, Poetry, Playwriting, Prose. Feedback from other participants is excellent and has a grounding effect. Introduction to other platforms in the publishing and film world which may support the writer. A practical inexpensive course which highlights the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY of the publishing world. [Creative Writing: Single Project].

Writer from  January 22

Martin provided a well structured introduction to creative writing in this course. I really enjoyed the online sessions where we had a chance to workshop our writing. I think Martin helped to create a supportive and relaxed atmosphere during these tutorials. Many thanks! [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE]

Maryrose Finlan


I signed up for this course whilst still based in the UK. I wanted to make in-roads to the literary scene in Ireland and when researching this course seemed the most engaging. Martin read with interest my reason for joining and suggested that perhaps I may prefer the Single Project Course. There were several time slot options and there was also the added benefit of the flexi one too. Throughout the course I always felt that my work was not only given space to be thoroughly assessed, but by being part of the interactive workshop I found the direction and pace of my story not only developed along the right path, but the strength of the tale increased and the main characters became more defined, with clearer presence and definition. Thank you Martin for getting me on the right lines. I shall be making tracks back – hopefully in the Autumn of 2022 for the pulling together of another special project [Creative Writing: Single Project – REMOTE].



I enjoyed the course thoroughly. It was a game changer over the Covid lockdown. It has instilled the importance of the writing practice and I am keen to keep going [Creative Writing: Intermediate – REMOTE].

Writer from Dublin city centre

Martin is an incredible mentor. He gives solid, constructive criticism from his years of experience, which is invaluable. Throughout the course, I felt Martin always had time for my questions and other areas I wanted to chat about, even if it didn’t strictly apply to what we were talking about that week. From doing the course, I have a new found confidence in my writing and for the first time, I have thought to myself  ‘I might actually be able to do this’. (Creative Writing: Intermediate – REMOTE )



As a first time on a writing course, not being in the field and without having any formal teaching prior to this course, I was welcomed with very open arms which I am most grateful for. I was glad even to be bumped up to the Intermediate course  at the last minute for logistical purposes which one would have been apprehensive about, but it made all the difference that I was led by a great and easy-going tutor in Martin Keaveney and coupled with a lovely, most competent peer group. My journey through the course was most educating and enjoyable. The writing exercises during the class were greatly appreciated and certainly helped my mind start jogging with thoughts and ideas. I enjoyed all aspects of the course and found the remote learning experience very easy and well laid out, being a person who is not a techno buff whatsoever. A must-do for anyone who has a passion for Creative Writing. Most well worth it [Creative Writing: Intermediate – REMOTE].

Dr Heera-Gauvri Bhagat


Martin is experienced, professional and very supportive. His feedback is succinct and totally on the mark – always. I wish I’d done this earlier, but very glad to have found MKCW and if I am ever to be successful in writing, then a lot of that would be down to the expertise and encouragement of Martin – Thank you! (Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE)

Writer at October 2021 course

An excellent course that has aided me greatly in assessing the merits and areas for improvement of my single project. Martin was a great support and offered a valuable critical eye on a wide variety of submissions, and was always approachable. I would readily recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their writing skills [Creative Writing: Single Project – REMOTE].



This course kick-started me as a writer. For the first time I actually finished my story and I have an idea what to do next with it.

The support provided by Martin is amazing. I couldn’t attend the webinars because I live in a different time zone, and Martin organized separate calls with me every week. I have never seen anything like that.

Martin is also a very genuine and pleasant person to speak to.

The course is definitely worth the money [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE – FLEXI].


Sydney, Australia

I am really glad about all what I have learned during this course. Irish Literature-From Moore to Enright was my second course with Dr. Martin Keaveney and I have enjoyed every moment of the readings and lessons. The communication with Martin and classmates was totally enriching in terms of learning and improving my understanding of the Irish Literature, the Irishness, and the Irish Culture. I would strongly recommend these courses to those who are interested in the field.

Vanesa Cotroneo

Argentina & Germany

This course was a wonderful guided / curated tour of modern Irish literature. The course content was well-chosen and delivered in a very effective manner in a relaxed, convivial environment [Irish Literature: From Plunkett to Rooney – REMOTE].

Brian Donnellan

Co. Clare

I thoroughly enjoyed this course [Creative Writing: Intermediate – REMOTE]. It was so good to be able to present my work in a relaxed atmosphere where I did not ever feel intimidated or undermined. The course content was interesting and varied. The feedback from the tutor was delivered very promptly and was insightful and helpful. I learned loads about different genres and other styles of writing from the sharing of others’ work. It was good fun too!!

Teresa McTernan

Galway City suburbs

A rich and rewarding opportunity to participate virtually in this course, from outside of Ireland.

Writer from France

I have given Martin Keaveney’s writer’s course 5 stars, it was a pleasure from start to finish, informative, thought-provoking and inspiring. It gave me focus to write. I looked forward to our weekly group meeting, which flowed with ease thanks to all the work Martin put into preparation. Highly recommended [Creative Writing: Advanced – REMOTE].

Jay Carey

The Burren, Co. Clare

Highly enjoyable course, very informative and Martin provided a huge amount of knowledge and support throughout. Would recommend [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE].

Writer from Waterford

I enjoyed Martin’s friendly interactive style of teaching, his knowledge of the literature covered, along with the understanding of the author’s background and context adds depth, breath, and deeper appreciating of the literature and books read in this course [Irish Literature – From Plunkett to Rooney – REMOTE].

Jacinta McElligott


I really enjoyed the course [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE]. It gave me the opportunity to write on a regular basis and explore different genres. The workshop session was very helpful and it was beneficial to get feedback each week from other writers.



I really liked ‘Irish Literature: From Plunkett to Rooney’ [REMOTE] – because it gave me a deep understanding of contemporary Irish literature, analysis, elements and the Irishness. Dr Keaveney’s lessons are very interactive and dynamic. As a foreign researcher trying to reach expertise in the field, I also enjoyed so much listening to my classmates’ anecdotes and how they relate to the literature.

Vanesa Cotroneo

Argentina & Germany

I would recommend this course for anyone who is unsure if they can write or for those who think they don’t need a writing course. Sometimes it is great to go to a course for help and this one certainly is. I had a block about writing and now I am writing so much it surprises me. It is also very good to challenge yourself by writing in different styles/genres and discover a new area for yourself. The class is very open for discussion and a friendly environment to share ideas an explore. I was a bit snobby about writing courses before but this one could be the key to unlock your power to write.

Kevin Magee

Rathfarnam, Dublin

I had always said that someday I would start writing but never got around to doing it.

I wrote lines in my head but never on paper. I really enjoyed the course on Creative Writing with Martin. It started me writing and helped me to see how much I really enjoy it.

The course also encouraged me to start reading more appreciatively. There are so many books I now want to go back to so I can examine how the author took me on those journeys in my imagination.

I think it was a valuable exercise to read and listen to other participants’ work and to get feedback and support from the group. Writing has become one of my favourite pastimes. [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE]



[Martin] demystifies being ‘A Writer’ and makes it accessible to anyone, even people with no experience. It’s a very daunting prospect, to start the writing process and you get to dig deep into that topic and everything that surrounds it, without fear. You’re safe to field any and every issue or insecurity that you have about your struggles in beginning to write, and seldom times all the answers are not provided for you, because Martin simply doesn’t know, and he’ll tell you as much, and you get to have a two way discussion about an issue, and that’s one of the most relieving, refreshing and empowering parts about taking this course. It’s completely personal, and it’s completely human. You are speaking, and have time with a true writer that cares and not someone who’s doing it on the side to pay the bills.

          I liked the atmosphere of the course. I liked Martin’s approach in way of sharing his wisdom of writing with us, while at the same time, making it clear that this is his experience and that there are many many ways to do this thing. He encourages you and empowers you to find your way. He did this through showing us examples of other writer’s writings and casually telling us stories of other writer’s habits (which was such a cool part of the course, I loved that so much). I loved how Martin really let us into his world, he talked to us as equals, and we discussed anything and everything and that allowed us to get to know each other, get to trust each other and brought us into very honest areas that I’m not used to getting into with other teachers. He was able to dissolve that student teacher barrier, while still maintaining the integrity and respect of the role. I like to think of Martin, not as a teacher but as a mentor, to me there’s a big difference. He’s also a friend – that’s the atmosphere he creates in the room. I found his approach extremely honest and egoless, and that allowed everyone in the class, the freedom to express themselves truthfully, take risks and most importantly, to be comfortable in making mistakes.

I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone, and have done [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE].  

John Rice 

Kilkenny & Dublin

This is an excellent course for those who are interested in writing, whether they are a beginner or have written a little before. As the course focused on different genres each week it challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. Martin is very knowledgeable, and his guidance was so helpful.

Writer from Galway

I was a bit nervous about doing this course because, although I love reading, I have no experience in analysing literature.  However, the class was very relaxed and  Martin guided discussion very well. I learnt a huge amount both from Martin and from the other class members and I definitely feel that I will approach reading and my choice of books more thoughtfully [Irish Literature: From Plunkett to Rooney – REMOTE].

Caroline Maguire

Co. Donegal

I very much appreciated the online weekly feedback on my work. I found it very specific and helpful. Doing the course by Zoom worked very well. Martin was very generous with his time and knowledge (Creative Writing: Intermediate – REMOTE – FLEXI).

Writer from Galway

This course [Creative Writing: Intermediate – REMOTE] was a great opportunity to write in different genres, some that I would never have considered attempting but yet were really enjoyable to undertake. The prompt feedback form the tutor was an encouragement to keep writing and the feedback from other participants was always considered and helpful.



Martin is an engaging tutor who takes a genuine interest in his students and their work. His breadth of knowledge of writing and literature is impressive and he always keeps participants interested and motivated.[Creative Writing: Intermediate – REMOTE]

Danielle McCormack


Very interesting journey through a century of Irish writing [Irish Literature: From Plunkett to Rooney – REMOTE]. The novels and short stories were perceptive choices and Dr Keaveney provided informed guidance that illuminated and gave insight into familiar and new writing.

Participant from Co. Mayo

Very engaging and stimulating course. I don’t think the format suffered from virtual setting. The introduction and theory each week followed by workshop with writing tasks from the previous week was effective and the topics covered each week were well balanced between practical tips and theory (Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE) 



I thoroughly enjoyed this course.  The group were helpful and encouraging.  The feedback was honest.  The standard was high.  Martin is a very experienced teacher, and the group had an excellent atmosphere because it was well managed.  I highly recommend it for anyone interested in writing (Creative Writing: Advanced – REMOTE).

Writer from France

A wide-ranging course [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE], giving a taste of different genres and forms of writing, and the opportunity to write in them,. The feedback from Martin and the other participants was positive and illuminating. It has got me writing with enthusiasm again, and I look forward to doing the Intermediate course.

Joe Costelloe

Headford, Co.Galway

A fun and enjoyable course with a helpful tutor and good feedback from him, as well as other students [Creative Writing: Advanced – REMOTE].

Patrick Brennan


This is an excellent course for those who are interested in writing, whether they are a beginner or have written a little before. As the course focused on different genres each week it challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. Martin is very knowledgeable, and his guidance was so helpful [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE].

Writer from Galway

Enjoyed the varied choice of novels, great to be able to discuss them with a group of like-minded participants. Many enjoyable and sometimes lively debates on aspects of the novels and writers. reading one book a week was a bit of a challenge but very worthwhile. Would recommend course to anyone interested in expanding their literary knowledge [Irish Literature].

Patricia Lyons


From the outset I felt I was being guided and encouraged in a very practical and accessible way in how to be a writer, rather than an observer. I liked the structure of the course, especially the time within the class to write a short piece, often on a theme or in a genre I didn’t think I could attempt. Knowing this was not going to be viewed or discussed in class [before revising later] provided the freedom to do this  [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE].


County Galway 

It’s very enjoyable and you meet interesting people. More importantly you improve your writing skills. [Creative Writing: Intermediate – REMOTE]

Writer from Galway

Great fun. Great discussions [Creative Writing: Intermediate – REMOTE].



I like the course, it’s a lot different to other courses I have done [Creative Writing: Introduction – REMOTE].

Writer from Galway

The intermediate course provided the opportunity to further develop skills learnt in the introductory course and the ability to develop a story over the two courses, getting feedback along the way [Creative Writing: Intermediate – REMOTE].

Writer from Mayo.

This was my second time to complete this course [Creative Writing: Intermediate – REMOTE]. As last time, I really enjoyed the course. I found writing in the various different genres to be challenging and interesting and most times good fun. I like the tutor’s presentation style and his feedback on work submitted was delivered promptly and was always insightful. I gained a lot from hearing other’s work read aloud and also in the class discussion.

Teresa McTernan

Rahoon, Galway City Suburbs.

This course [Creative Writing: Introduction] gave me the confidence to take the time to write and be less critical of myself and my writing. Everything you write is not going to be a masterpiece but it is a stepping stone to the finished project. Martin is a wealth of knowledge on writing and encouraged us to experiment and gave us advisements for improvement.

Emma Walsh


This course [Creative Writing: Introduction] re-ignited my love for writing , and gave me confidence in my abilities. I gained knowledge about different types of writing and skills needed to become a great writer. I looked forward to the class every week, each week I became more and more inspired to go home and work on my projects. This course unlocked writing skills I never knew I had.

Helen McKenna


Very enjoyable and engaging. A good balance of theory, writing exercises and practical advice.

Lynne O’ Keefe


Very absorbing content from beginning to end. As an amateur, learning the concept of writing, I did not feel overwhelmed by others more professional in the group .

Bernadette McManus


We have worked with Martin on a number of projects, often from project inception. Martin has a great sense of a script and we found his insight into story invaluable in identifying what was working and what wasn’t in various projects. His keen sense of story structure helped enormously in projects that were quite disparate in terms of genre and style. I would advise any script writer to get in touch with Martin early in their process.

Liza Bolton

Galway/London (Room 12 Productions)

Well structured, interactive, informative, fun.

Ann Keane


Enjoyed group discussion, different views, enlightening [Irish Literature Course].

Paddy O’Leary 


Martin has a keen eye for style and substance when it comes to writing. He is an experienced tutor and an accomplished writer. Recently, I sought his feedback for both a fictional piece and a short play I wrote. His critique was constructive, useful and accurate. I would recommend his input into any creative writing project.

Martin and I have worked also together on a number of projects. I directed a play of his, Coathanger, as part of NUIG Theatre Week. I really enjoy his unique style and find his writing to be intriguing and compelling.

Niamh Nic Aodha Bhui

Galway (MisH MaSH Theatre Group)

Martin provides an excellent introduction to the History writing process [Write the Good Old Days Workshop].

Liam Egan


Excellent support from tutor. Tutor very willing to share his knowledge with novice writers. His guidance is excellent. Wonderful variety of texts for analysis in class.

Writer from Galway

Excellent opportunity to learn about writing with the intention of getting published. Practical course [Creative Writing: Introduction] for those who are serious about getting published for the first time.

Padraig Dennehy


An engaging speaker who listens and answers questions in a useful way. Takes a genuine interest in his students.

Writer at Turlough Park workshop

Martin will give you a great opportunity to explore different genres of writing and share your work with others.
Martin provided a great insight of the journey of being a writer. At the end of the course, I feel more empowered to stat my own journey.
Writer at Galway Arts Centre
I find myself pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this course [Irish Literature II]. I may not have fully appreciated what I signed up for. It was a very useful and enjoyable course which enabled me to read books and authors I would not necessarily have chosen. It is a great introduction and showcase of Irish Literature over time and the way each novel was presented, discussed and analysed is something I will take with me.
Jennifer Pilkington
West Clare
Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Inspiring and insightful. Awakened excitement about language and words – made it easy. Thank you Martin [One Day Course].
The writing course [Creative Writing: Introduction] gave me a great insight on the writing world – also a great confidence boost!
I really enjoyed the course [Creative Writing: Introduction]. I learnt loads about a variety of genres where I only thought I’d be learning about grammar. Martin is a very interesting and experienced writer and is eager to share his knowledge.
Enormously helpful and generous writer’s workshop. I learned a lot and hope to apply the knowledge to future projects. Inspiring! Thank you Martin [Write The Good Old Days Workshop].
Helen Moreau
Easy-going and good-humoured experience . Tutor was engaging , especially as the material was personal.
Peter Crowley
Really enjoyed the course, especially the books I could have struggled to read e.g. Flann O’Brien. I now feel I can get more from my reading and enjoy it more. Would love to study Joyce next course [Irish Literature]. I enjoyed the interaction of the group and their thoughts and ideas on the subject matter of the books.
Participant at Irish Literature course
This course [Creative Writing: Introduction] gave me the tools and motivation to start a project I had been putting off for a while. Plus I got to spend 2 hours a week with interesting, like-minded people!
Amanda O’Connell
A relaxed event in which it was easy to absorb new facts almost by osmosis [Write The Good Old Days Workshop].
Writer at Turlough Park workshop
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