Moore to Enright


Irish Literatue: From Moore to Enright  –  Remote  Course Outline 

Thanks for enrolling in the course. I hope you enjoy it and find it very rewarding. Please see the outline below. If you have any further queries relating to the course, please email

Week 1

Introduction/George Moore

Week 2

James Joyce

Week 3

John McGahern

Week 4

Pat McCabe

Week 5

Claire Keegan

Week 6

Eimear McBride

Week 7

Mary Costello

Week 8

Anne Enright

Reading list

Moore, George . The Untilled Field (1903).  Colin Smythe,  2000.

Joyce, James. Dubliners (1914).  The O’Brien Press, 2012.

McGahern, John. Amongst Women (1990).  Faber, 2008

McCabe, Pat, The Butcher Boy (1992)  Picador, 1992.

Keegan, Claire. Foster (2010). Faber, 2010.

McBride, Eimear. A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing. (2013). Galley Beggar Press, 2013.

Costello, Mary. Academy Street. (2014). Canongate, 2015.

Enright, Anne. The Green Road. Jonathan Cape, 2015.

Course begins TUESDAY 18th April 2023 at 6.30-7.45pm and for 8 weeks.

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