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Creative Writing: Introduction – US EAST COAST

Have you ever wanted to write short stories or even try a novel? Have you dreamed of seeing your play on stage, your film on screen, or even stunning audiences with your poetry?

This exciting and highly popular course is available remotely by video conference, email or phone. You can even participate by post if you wish. Zero technical expertise is required to take part. The course itself introduces participants to the craft of creative writing while working in a range of genres such as sci-fi, crime, horror and realism. We will share work, exchange feedback and discuss routes to publication. Suitable for those seeking a rewarding pastime or as an introduction to an exciting professional career as a creative writer. You also can complete an optional Final Project and receive post course editorial with advice on how to proceed. Limited places.

All Sessions via Zoom.

Next Start Date:

Tuesday 18th April 2023 at 7-9pm New York Time as at (Limited places – Book below)

You can attend online by video conference or participate solely via email/phone instead.

8 weeks

Registration: $249.99/ Book here Limited Places

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Times not suit? You can still attend via FLEXI

Don’t forget to check out the Testimonials page!

Creative Writing: Single Project – US EAST COAST

This course is designed for those writers who wish to spend a sustained period of time working on a single project of any length. Writers may have a formed idea to bring to the course which indicates its proposed overall structure and content. Part of the project might be already written but this is not required. Over the course, writers can submit up to 2,000 word sections for discussion at a weekly workshop with other writers. Projects can be in any genre or medium including novels, short stories, poetry, sci-fi, horror, crime, relationships, memoir, comedy, plays, films, TV shows, nonfiction, historical fiction, fantasy and radio plays amongst others. Alumni of other MKCW courses very welcome as well as writers of some experience. Includes some discussion of the writing craft, weekly workshop and post-course editorial response to a submission sample of 7,500 words, synopsis and formal query letter to publishers/agents/production companies. Limited Places.

All sessions via Zoom.

Next Start Dates:

Monday 8th May 2023 at 7-9pm New York Time as at

Also available Friday 28th April 2023 to Friday 14th July 2023 (10.00am- 12.00pm/3.00-5.00pm New York Time as at )

Also available from Monday 15th May at 3pm New York Time as at

Registration: $369.99/ Book here Limited Places

Not sure of your schedule? You can still attend via FLEXI

Don’t forget to check out the Testimonials page!