Creative Writing: Single Project – COURSE OUTLINE

Thanks for enrolling in the course. I hope you enjoy it and find it very rewarding. Please see the outline below. If you have any further queries relating to the course, please email

Week 1

Introduction/ Writers’ Projects

Week 2

Long Form Fiction/Workshop

Week 3

Writing out of Rhythm/Workshop

Week 4

Changing Perspective/Workshop

Week 5

Major Surgery/Workshop

Week 6

The Role of the Reader/Workshop

Week 7

Mock Blind Submission/Workshop

Week 8


Week 9

Special Focus: Writers’ Projects /Workshop

Week 10

Special Focus: Writers’ Projects/Workshop

Week 11

Final Project Discussions/Readings

Week 12

Final Project Readings

Participants have the option to submit writing and read others’ material via email/workshop when available.

Reading list

This course is centred around writers’ projects, however for weeks 1-8, there will be weekly discussion pieces with companion videos and these will be posted in due course.

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