Creative Writing: Introduction – Outline

Creative Writing: Introduction –  Remote  Course Outline  

Thanks for enrolling in the course. I hope you enjoy it and find it very rewarding. Please see the outline below. If you have any further queries relating to the course, please email

Week 1


Week 2

Realism/Starting to write

Week 3

Sci-fi/The Writing Life

Week 4


Week 5

Relationships/Sharing and critiquing

Week 6


Week 7

Stage – The Medium/Formats/Submissions

Week 8

Screen – The Medium/Formats/Submissions

Participants have the option to submit writing and read others’ material via email/workshop when available. 

Reading list

Readings/viewings are optional but they are helpful for weekly discussion. It is not necessary to purchase any of these titles as material will be provided in advance.


Blake, William. Blake’s Poetry and Designs. WW.Norton, 2008.

Joyce, James. ‘The Dead’ Dubliners. The O’Brien Press, 2012.

Davis, Wendy, ‘Below My Window’, Mystery Tribune (no date).

Poe, Edgar Allen. ‘The Black Cat’. Selected Tales, Oxford University Press, 1998.

Treadmill, Sophie. Machinal  (UCLA Production, 2005)

Other readings TBA.

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