Here are the answers to some common questions about our very special boutique writers’ conferences.

-Is there a timetable?

The full schedule is now available on

-What are free writing sessions?

In Free writing sessions, writers write as much as they want in a group setting. We will have a quiet space available for you to write. The synergy of writing in a group has proven very effective for many writers.

-What are clinics?

In a clinic setting, a writer discusses their work with an industry professional on a one-to-one basis. This gives a unique insight to the publishing / film/TV world for a writer. They can ask what is and isn’t working in the project and gain firm guidance on the next steps. Writers send a 200 word sample in advance that the publisher or producer will read before the meeting. This is an excellent opportunity to get industry views on your work.

-What are the Craft Sessions?

We will discuss an aspect of writing in detail with examples and writing exercises as appropriate. Subjects at the conference are writing and publishing the short story, adaptation, self-editing and the conference concludes with a special session on Sligo born W.B. Yeats.

-What are the readings & performances about?

Writers can read, perform or have others enact their play, novel excerpt, or poems. They can even screen a short film if they wish. Readers may wish to present their thoughts on a book in a presentation. You can also invite family or friends to this special conclusion to the Conference on Sunday afternoon.

-What are the Complimentary Refreshments?

Gourmet lunch each day plus an ample supply of  tea/coffee/ biscuits throughout the sessions over the weekend! 

-I’ve never written before/I’m not a big reader?

No problem, you’re very welcome. You can start this weekend! Or you can simply enjoy the sessions. It’s up to you. We are sure you will have a wonderful time regardless of experience.

Can I purchase books at the event?

Books by authors will be for sale during the conference.

What included in the admission price?

Admission to all events & refreshments. It does not include meals or overnight accommodation.  You can also purchase overnight accommodation and breakfast through the website as a single package.

-MKCW Commitment to Excellence

Martin Keaveney Creative Writing are absolutely committed to excellence in teaching, workshops and events and will apply this throughout all of our event organisation and exchanges with all participants and contributors. We are grateful for your participation.