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Tanja Slijepcevic of Betimes Books gives a presentation at Sligo 22




• November 4-6 2022
• Free writing sessions x9 hours
• Creative workshops x2 hours
• Seminars on craft x8 hours
• Seminars on literature x1 hour
• Author interview/presentations/readings x2 hours
• Publisher/Producer presentation x2 hours
• Writer’s clinic with industry opportunity
• Readings & performances of participant work x2 hours
• Refreshments complimentary throughout weekend
• Gourmet lunch complimentary throughout weekend
• Meet like-minded writers & readers
• Make real progress on your writing/reading objectives
• Discuss fiction and your writing practice with leading authors
• Learn about writing industry from trade professionals
• Highly engaging and active weekend event
• Superb networking opportunity
• All levels, mediums and genre of writer & reader very welcome
• Enjoy MKCW commitment to excellence as standard
• A memorable and rewarding weekend to enjoy this autumn – In-Person!



Venue: Cork International Hotel, Cork, Ireland.

Dates: 4-6 November 2022.

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Make the conference weekend a productive one for your writing, reading or research project. Enjoy the facility of the Valencia Room at the Cork International Hotel each morning and work on your project or catch up on that ever growing reading list. The space will be a quiet one, with a luxurious lobby nearby for conversations on books and writing. Water complimentary.

Time: Every morning 8am-11am.

Venue: Valencia Room


Progress your short fiction/episodic chapter in this special 2-part session. Part 1 explores the short story form. But what is a short story? Where do we start ? How do we sustain the reader’s interest? How do we conclude? This session gets writers started in the short form. Class style with exercises.

Time: Friday 4th November 11.15-12.15pm.

Valencia Room.


We have completed the first draft. But how do we revise and rework our writing? Revision and self-editing techniques are discussed in this 2-part session. Part 1 looks at what are the best strategies? What do we leave out and what do we put back in? We explore these and other specific questions of editorial approach in this class. Presentation style with Q&A.

Time: Friday 4th November 12.30-1.30pm.

Valencia Room.


In Part 2 of this series, we recognise perfecting short fiction is a challenge for all writers at all levels. When is a piece finished? What are the aspects to focus on in the later editing stages? Here we discuss techniques that can help you produce consistently high quality & publishable short fiction.

Time: Friday 4th November 2.00-3.00pm.

Venue: Valencia Room.


In Part 2 of this series of writing short stories and short fiction, we ask what makes a short story of short fiction publishable? What is the best way to finalise our short pieces? Classroom style with discussion of samples from published works and class samples. Presentation style with Q&A.

Time: Friday 4th November 3.15 – 4.15pm.

Venue: Valencia Room.


In this seminar, we look at the process of adapting of Creative Writing projects to another medium. Many writers are interested in the possibility of adapting their novel, short story or play for screen. Here we look at the challenges of this process. What can be translated easily ? What must be modified? What are the restrictions? We look at other forms of adaptation outside of screen. This may include short stories to graphic novels, immersive set adaptations, use of art, video game adaptations and other formats. With samples and class input. Classroom style with writing exercises. style with Q&A.

Time: Friday 4th November 5.00pm – 6.00pm.

Venue: Valencia Room


Join a traditional creative writers’ workshop. Read your work and receive feedback from peers and tutor. Discuss development, themes and next steps.

Times: Friday & Saturday at 6.00-7.00pm

Venue: Valencia Room.


Join us for a warm welcome to all participants, followed by a short presentation on the weekend, what is on and suggestions on how to get the most out of your conference experience. Includes some local information on the area. Followed by Q&A.

Time: Friday 4th November 7.00 – 7.30pm

Venue: Valencia Room.


Is Art free from Constraint? This session discusses the definition of great art. How do we define what is ‘great’? Does this direct us as writers? Are we free to achieve our goals ? Should we be? What stands in our way? Presentation style with Q&A.

Time: Friday 4th November 7.30 – 8.30pm.

Venue: Valencia Room.


There are 2 exciting industry clinics available to writers over the weekend. Attend this session for some key tips to ensure your session with the industry professional is as productive as possible.

Time: Saturday 5th November 11.15am – 12.15pm.

Venue: Valencia Room.


Kevin Doyle is the current chairperson of the Irish Writers’ Union. He is the author of two political crime thrillers – To Keep A Bird Singing (2018) and A River of Bodies (2019) – published by Blackstaff Press. Set in the Cork and west Cork, the books explore the murky world of Special Branch collusion with a network of abusers inside the Catholic Church. David Park described To Keep A Bird Singing as “… a thrilling debut that looks corruption in the eye and never blinks.” Books Ireland’s verdict was “highly, highly recommended”. Interview style followed by Q&A.

Time: Saturday 5th November 2022 12.30-1.30pm.

Venue: Valencia Room.


Leeona has held numerous production department roles in feature film, TV, corporate, and commercial projects but is mostly found in the producer’s seat.A graduate of The National Film School at IADT she holds a First Class BAHons in Film and TV Production, specialising in production and screenwriting. She has produced over 12 shorts including the multi-award winning “An Crann” and dollar-baby short “In the Deathroom” based on the short story by Stephen King.  Diligently developing as a screenwriter Leeona has been a script evaluator for various production companies and filmmakers.

Time: Saturday 5th November 2.00pm – 3.00pm.

Venue: Valencia Room


Are you ready to submit your Poetry, Film or TV project? Thinking of adapting your story or novel for screen? Get industry insights on your project through a face-to-face meeting with an industry professional. Meet Leeona Duff/ Jess Lendennie and discuss your project/poetry collection in our special industry clinics. One-to one style. Book your place as soon as possible as places are extremely limited.

Times: Saturday 5th November 3.15-4.15pm

Venue: Valencia Room


Jessie Lendennie is the founder and Managing Editor of Salmon Poetry. She has commissioned and published over 600 books of poetry and prose. A poet herself, her prose poem Daughter was published in 1988, and reissued with new poems in 2001. In 1990, The Salmon Guide to Poetry Publishing appeared and in 1992 by The Salmon Guide to Creative Writing in Ireland. Her poetry collection, Walking Here, appeared in 2011.

Time: Saturday 5th November 5.00-6.00pm.

Venue: Valencia Room.


Join a traditional creative writers’ workshop. Read your work and receive feedback from peers and tutor. Discuss development, themes and next steps.

Times: Friday & Saturday at 6.00-7.00pm

Venue: Valencia Room.


Venue: Valencia Room

Donald Finnaeus Mayo was born in London and grew up in Australia and South East Asia, the backdrop for his novel, Francesca. He is the author of Francesca and The Insider’s Guide to Betrayal. He was educated in England, where he graduated with a degree in Politics and Culture. At various times he has worked as a radio journalist for the BBC, a business writer for major corporations, and as a photographer. He currently lives in Hampshire with his wife and three children.

Time: Saturday 5th November 7.30-8.30pm

Venue: Valencia Room.


For some writers public reading of their work is a joy. For others it is a challenge. How can we make the reading of our work to others an enjoyable experience for all? What techniques can we use in delivery and in preparations? Classroom style with participant participation.

Time: Sunday 6th November 11.15-12.15pm.

Venue: Valencia Room.


Take a break from a busy weekend of writing, seminars and clinics and enjoy a special session on one of Cork’s large stable of great authors. William Trevor was born in Mitchelstown and established himself as one of the most significant short story writers in 20th century Irish Literature. his final resting place is a short drive from the hotel where you can read the famous epigraph. Settle back and enjoy some fine short fiction and analysis.

Time: Sunday 6th November 12.30-1.30pm.

Venue: Valencia Room.


After three days of writing and craft sessions, why not share your work in a relaxed atmosphere on Sunday afternoon? You can read something you have developed during your time at the conference, or read a piece prepared earlier. There is also the opportunity for spoken word performance, research presentations, short drama sketches or short film screenings. May be organised at other times over the weekend if required. You are welcome to invite family and friends to this exciting conclusion to the Conference (Please send names in advance for seating here). Slots limited to 10 minutes.

Time: Sunday 6th November 2.00 – 5.00pm.

Venue: Valencia Room.


Subject to amendments.

TimeFriday 4th November Saturday 5th November Sunday 6th November
0800Group SessionGroup SessionGroup Session
1115The Short Story –
Part 1
Clinic Prep Session
Reading in Public
1230The Editing Room –
Part 1
Kevin DoyleWilliam Trevor
1330Lunch Lunch Lunch
1400The Editing Room –
Part 2

Leeona Duff

Final Readings/Performances
1515The Short Story –
Part 2
Meet the Industry
– Screenwriter’s & Poetry/Prose Clinic
1700AdaptationsSalmon Poetry
1800Creative WorkshopCreative Workshop
1900Opening of Conference
1930Freedom through ConstraintDonald Finnaeus Mayo
–Complimentary Lunch/Water/Tea/Coffee/Biscuits served throughout the Conference–


Conference – Admission

1x Admission to all events. Available to any registered MKCW course participant or service user in 2022.


Conference – MKCW Admission

1x Admission to all events. Available to any registered MKCW course participant or service user in 2022.


Conference – Package

1x Admission to all events.B&B Single for 4 November & 5 November 2022 at the 4-star Cork International Hotel


Conference – MKCW Package

1x Admission to all events. Available to any registered MKCW course participant or service user in 2022. B&B Single for 4 November & 5th November 2022 at the 4-star Cork International Hotel.


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