Activity Co-ordinators and Residents of Nursing Home facilities can now avail of a wonderful new weekly activity: Creative Writing Online. Creative Writing is a very rewarding and wholesome activity and provides care home residents with a creative and enjoyable way to look back and reflect. Residents will also enjoy providing history, humour and intrigue for others. Now this activity can be very easily accessed by Activity Co-ordinators to enrich the lives of their residents.


Residents can join at any level and contribute as much they wish. Weekly modules cover short stories, poems, memoir, local history, and even writing for stage and screen. Residents may wish to write or simply recite stories or memories during sessions. Residents can comment on others’ writing and on weekly readings.


MKCW aim to make delivery of the course as easy as possible for Activity Co-ordinators.

Via Zoom:

Residents who use a tablet, PC or smartphone can attend from the comfort of their room. For other residents, Activity Co-ordinators may wish to set up a monitor in common room areas where participants can listen and contribute.

Via Post:

Activity Co-ordinators will receive a weekly course pack with slides and readings. Residents can complete stories and poems (no minimum length).  Activity Co-ordinators can return stories by post. Typed feedback will be posted every week.

Via Email:

Residents that use email can participate via their email address. They will receive course pack each week and can email their submission and receive weekly feedback. Residents that do not use email can receive course pack each week via Activity Co-ordinators. Any writing can be emailed back via Activity Co-ordinators.

Via Phone:

Residents can simply join sessions via phone without any need for internet connection. They can listen and contribute to the sessions. They will receive course pack each week by email or post as requested.

Activity Co-ordinators can liaise any time at 0876007100 with regard to effective course delivery for all residents. All methods can be used as required at no extra cost.

Course Details

Introductory course starts TUESDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 2021. Sessions are available 10am, 3pm or 8pm. Alternative time slots may be arranged where required.

An 8-week course which includes 8×2-hour sessions and feedback on all submissions every week (post or email), plus the opportunity to submit a final project/story costs €125 per resident.

There are also Irish Literature courses available which reflect on a century of the finest Irish writers. These run for 8x 75/90 minute minute sessions  on Mon-Thur at 6.30pm/ 7.00pm and cost €120 per resident.


Information on log in and course material will be sent to the email address supplied at purchase.



Information on log in and course material will be sent to the email address supplied at purchase.


About the Provider

Martin Keaveney Creative Writing currently provides over 15 courses a week in Creative Writing and Irish Literature to writers and readers from all over the world. Courses and Seminars have been provided at NUIG, Galway Arts Centre, MSLETB and in many other contexts since 2015. Courses are currently provided via Zoom, Email, Phone or even Post. Martin Keaveney has published  a novel, Delia Meade  and a collection of short stories, The Rainy Day. His new novel The Mackon Country will be published shortly by Penniless Press, UK. He has a PhD in Creative Writing & Textual Studies from NUIG. He is a John McGahern scholar and contributes to global discussions on John McGahern at the intersection of the sub-discipline of Narratology (the study of stories). He also worked at NUIG Disability Support Services for 6 years and he has designed his courses based on learning styles and approaches he has learned and developed during his time there. Martin aims every writer and reader  gets the best possible learning or recreational experience on MKCW courses.  See more at

Contact: 0876007100 /